In order to raise money in a positive way for Rebel’s operation, we have set up the Rebel for a Cause Foundation. The foundation allows us to mobilise our network to help children in a similar situation to Rebel, and raise awareness for the difficult process that you often find yourself in as a family, often totally unprepared, when the healthcare system in the Netherlands has no answers for a (rare) diagnosis that demands urgent action.

By approaching Rebel’s treatment in this way, we have a sense of regaining some control over the situation, and organising things gives us energy. Also, we don’t want to present Rebel as a victim, but instead give her something that she can later look back on with pride.

We’re noticing just how many people are prepared to help and it’s remarkable to see how nearby the help often is. We would like to share this with other parents and help them on their journey with positive, rebellious energy.

If it turns out that the health insurance will after all cover the required operation for Rebel, then we will use the donations to help other children in a similar situation.

We are currently working on a festival, an auction and merchandise. Would you also like to help? Support one of our initiatives or mail us at

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